How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals You WILL Keep

If you already have a copy of my book Stop Overeating Today!, you know that my first chapter/tip talks about the tortoise and the hare and advises people to not try to revamp their entire eating and exercise routines overnight. I want people to be excited when they read the book and be zealous, but I also want them to be realistic. Have you ever heard anyone say anything similar to the following:

- “I made a goal today to run for 30 minutes every day!” (This person never goes running)

- “I am going to bike for 10 miles 3 days per week.” (This person has no habit of bike riding)

- “I made a goal to never eat cake again!”

I’m all for ambitious goals, but I want people to also feel a sense of accomplishment and success by setting smaller and realistic goals, especially when they’re starting out. That’s key to maintenance. Lots of people can lose a bunch of weight by doing something drastic like a juice fast, but six months later, did they keep the weight off? Let’s revise the above goals:

- “I made a goal to go running tomorrow for 30 minutes!”

-”I am going to bike for 10 miles this week.”

- “I made a goal to only have a small slice of cake at the birthday part this weekend and to not go back for seconds.”

After achieving success with your first small goal, you are now on your way to setting more small, simple, and reachable goals. The feeling of success with propel you forward and help you grow into setting even bigger and more exciting goals. Leave me a comment and let me know how your goal setting is going!

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