Rubber Band Theory – How Dieting Can Make You Snap

Every once in a while people get too zealous with their eating goals and they set their goals unrealistically high. Maybe someone’s goal is to get by on 1500 calories per day while they are exercising at the gym (not enough). They may last five days at this pace, but eventually, they tire of depriving themselves and cannot restrict anymore. Then, they binge. They overeat.

I call this the rubber band theory. You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it is going to snap back. Some people pull the rubber band back more quickly than others (they restrict in more dramatic ways) and others do it slowly and methodically (they restrict just enough that they can get by for a while). In either case, eventually, the rubber band will snap and they won’t be able to keep up their unhealthy patterns of self-deprivation. They will overeat and feel guilty.

How do you relate to the rubber band theory? Do you restrict all week long and overdo it on weekends?

How can someone break free from this vicious cycle? The key is moderation. To stop setting unrealistically high goals. One way to make sure your goals are reasonable is to share them with someone you trust. They can see things from a more rational perspective.

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