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This interview was with Mike Shickman and I had a lot of fun sharing my story and laughing with the host.

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Self-Psychology: The Secret to Stop Overeating
Stress Stimulates Overeating, Binge Eating

Book Description

33 Innovative Tips That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
Learn to make impulse-free decisions in the moment. Discover how to break free from emotional eating, holiday and restaurant splurging, and guilt. Easy to read, remember, and apply. A workbook and journal pages are included, helping the reader personalize and practice the strategies.

This is not a diet or a program; it is a whole new way of thinking to change your relationship with food. 134 pages, copyright 2009 by Avelyn Publishing.

PRESS RELEASE: New Book for Overeating Offers Cognitive Breakthroughs
Newport Beach, CA – October 6, 2009 – Eating is emotional. Most people don’t know why they reach to food for comfort, or that they’re even doing it, until it’s too late. The average weight loss, diet, or self-help book usually doesn’t address why we behave this way. Stop Overeating Today! is different from most books because it is a non-confrontational cognitive approach with step by step instructions and workbook pages by a life coach expert that transforms your relationship with food.

Cut the fluff and the anecdotes, Stop Overeating Today is your concentrated and tip-rich daily guide for any overeating sufferer to take on the go and extract motivation when needed. Two minutes a day with this action-packed book will deliver fast results.

The 33 strategy ingredients boost Stop Overeating Today’s power over the daily plight of overeating sufferers, transforming their thinking and emotions around food, adjusting their lifestyles, and combating the overeating urges. These comprehensive strategies include tips for eating at home, eating out, special occasions, and holidays, consisting of cognitive, emotional, and psychological tips, broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Stop Overeating Today! gives examples of each strategy being executed in real life, helping the reader relate and feel connected. Take these workbook exercises, read, revaluate, rejuvinate, and repeat.

Author, Camille McConnell, owner of Camille Coaching, life coach, and self-help expert understands the complexities of eating disorders, having conquered her battle with bulimia. Groups and individuals have both sought Camille for her eating disorder recovery mentoring expertise, through speaking, coaching, and individual mentoring. Her success over her own disorder led her to develop an intuitive, empathetic, and non-confrontational approach that reviewers have called “motivating and encouraging.”
Economic stresses are a leading cause for consumers to turn to food for comfort and the timing for Stop Overeating Today! could not be better. Dwindling food budgets raise the cost of overeating. Stop Overeating Today! gives real solutions to improve the health of readers’ emotions, waistlines, and pocketbooks. Overall health is pervasive into other areas of life and Stop Overeating Today! puts readers on the road to continued success.

Camille McConnell is available for interviews, speaking engagements, personal coaching support, and immediate consultations. Please contact by phone at 949/209-7582

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