How to Handle Dessert Parties

Last night I was at an event with an array of enticing little desserts spread across a huge table. There must have been twelve different options at least! In my former life, when I couldn’t stop myself from overeating, this would have been a huge temptation that ended in disappointment and frustration. Here are a few tips to help you get from dessert buffet disaster to dessert buffet conqueror:

1) Don’t believe the silly thought that you need to try one of everything or you will be missing out.
2) Don’t believe the lie that you won’t have as much fun if you don’t try everything.
3) DO avoid the table altogether if you think it will be too much a temptation or if you are in a moment of weakness.
4) DO carry a cup of water around with you to take frequent sips so your hands will have something in them (to avoid feeling empty handed and to avoid munching as a way to stay busy).
5) DO focus on people more than food. Remember, you aren’t at the event just to eat. You are there to celebrate with friends. Focus on that instead of eating.
6) When you are not in a moment of weakness, choose a couple of things you want to try and eat them slowly. Enjoy every bite, realizing that eating less is having MORE fun because you are in control.

If you have struggled with overeating for a long time, chances are that these tips may not be enough to help you break free from a bad cycle. If that is the case, look at the right sidebar of this website and check out my Amazon best-selling book Stop Overeating Today!

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