Do You Overeat with Attitude?

I caught a glimpse today of what attitude I had when I used to chronically overeat.  (I used to struggle with overeating a lot and have maintained the 35-40 pounds that I lost six years ago after I was able to conquer my battle with overeating).  Anyway, I was eating a milkshake that I brought home from a restaurant yesterday (see Tip #21 in the book).

I can sometimes be a little lactose sensitive. I wouldn’t full out call myself lactose intolerant, but sometimes ice cream can give me symptoms. Yesterday, since I hadn’t eaten ice cream in a while, the shake was lactose overload on my body. So today, after completely abstaining from dairy, I decided to have a couple of bites of milkshake. After all, it was the orange 50/50 flavor and that’s one of my favorites.

So, as I’m putting my spoon in the cup for another bite, my stomach starts to feel a little uneasy. And I thought to myself, “I’m going to eat it anyway, I can do what I want!” It was like I was a sneering little brat who didn’t want to be told what she could or could not do.

Have any of you ever thought something like that when you knew you were full but wanted to eat more anyway? Or have you had a thought like that when you were eating junk but didn’t want to stop?

Anyway, that thought really brought me back to the attitude I had during my eating disorder days and my overeating days. I worked very hard to rid myself of that negative attitude and entitlement to do whatever I wanted for momentary pleasure, only to regret it for hours afterward.

I’m glad I had this flashback because it makes me grateful for how far I have come and helps me realize that I still need to stay on top of my attitude and not think that I can just trash my body because it feels like the most pleasurable, convenient, or fun thing to do.

Can you relate to this thought, “Nah nah nah nah nah, I can do what I want”? I wonder how many others who currently or previously struggle with overeating have had a thought similar.  Recognizing it is the first step to changing it, and changing it feels good.

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