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How to Handle Dessert Parties

Last night I was at an event with an array of enticing little desserts spread across a huge table. There must have been twelve different options at least! In my former life, when I couldn't stop myself from overeating, this would have been a huge temptation that ended in disappointment and frustration. Here are a ...

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How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals You WILL Keep

If you already have a copy of my book Stop Overeating Today!, you know that my first chapter/tip talks about the tortoise and the hare and advises people to not try to revamp their entire eating and exercise routines overnight. I want people to be excited when they read the book and be zealous, but ...

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Eating Quickly and Overeating Go Hand in Hand

I know you've all heard this, but I just wanted to remind you and give you a fresh tip to eating slowly. Scientific research has shown that eating too quickly delays the release of hormones that tells your body it is full. Slowing down while ...

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