Don’t Let Your Box Define You

I was at church the other day and the speaker said something that reminded me of what a life coach would say. He said, “Don’t let the box of your life define you. Be whatever you need to be in the moment.” As I was listening I grabbed for a pen and wrote those profound words down on a scrap of paper.

His words remind me of one of the tips in my best-sellng book Stop Overeating Today! The tip is all about how to play an empowering role.

If you are battling with your thoughts and emotions to stop overeating, “don’t let your box define you” is a very important thing to remember. Take a break from your identity as someone with an overeating problem. Take a break from focusing on your weaknesses around food. Don’t tell yourself who you are if your description is negative. Just be what you need to be in the moment, reinvent yourself, don’t let negative thoughts about who you are keep you stuck in old patterns that never end.

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